Electrical Panel Installation Horry County SC

Stop worrying about whether or not your electricity will go out—when you contact Express Electrical Services Inc. your power will be controlled and in session all year round, no matter what external factors may happen.

Horry County Electrical Panel Installations ensures that only certified and extremely experienced electricians will work on your home with utmost certainty and the best care around.

Why do our services exceed others? Our experts don’t solely concentrate on quality servicing, our electricians pay special and close attention the individualistic needs and goals for your home electrical demands.

Don’t waste time with other electrical companies, we solve your problem and give you an answer within 24-hours. We do not charge extra to assess your electrical questions, we answer them with trustworthy reliability.

Never worry about your wiring situation. If you don’t take care of your electrical cords, you will wind up in a knotted mess.  Damaged cords can cause an unsafe environment for your home.  We make sure to look at the fine details to ensure your families safety.

We know exactly what we are doing when we install, upgrade, or maintain your home electrical systems.

With years of experience, we only provide customers with:

  • Top care—our electricians treat you like you are family
  • We offer exceptionally skilled electricians
  • A team of electricians that are result driven
  • Courteous and friendly assistance

We service the following areas in Horry County

North Myrtle Beach SC

Myrtle Beach SC

Surfside Beach, SC

Atlantic Beach SC

Garden City Beach SC

Little River SC

Cherry Grove Beach SC

If you are looking for electricians to make a lasting impression on your home electricity, then Horry County Electrical Panel Installations will be your number one choice.  Contact us directly— we will offer a comprehensive consultation for free and will cover all of your electrical needs, whether you are maintaining, upgrading, or installing new electrical components. Contact us today for a FREE Quote!

Every dollar saved matters. Have one of our customer service professionals answer any questions that you may have and provide a free estimate.


2615 Hwy 701 N, Unit 3, Conway, SC 29526


(843) 488-4503


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